LIBRENT is a responsive and connective automotive and aviation trading company helping businesses and retail customers across the EU with the challenges they face within this complex and fast-paced business market and global situation. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals understand the needs of companies and their struggles with the supply or sales. Our mission is to simplify and streamline the commercial and supply process for vehicles and small aircrafts, so you can keep your business flowing.

We are committed to provide more than a great trading deal; we want to build a solid and lasting business partnership with high-quality support and customer satisfaction. From a single vehicle or aircraft to a large fleet, LIBRENT will give you the support you need to keep your business running smoothly. Let us talk about your business needs.

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The automotive trade has always been very challenging and faces complex and rapid changes. Thanks to the cooperation of many car dealers in the Czech Republic and partners across the EU, we are able to streamline the commercial and supply process as well as mediate great automotive trading deals. Our import and export services can handle from one single vehicle to large fleets.

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Air transport is the artery of global logistics, but also a hobby for many people. We are passionate about aviation too. We live in an environment full of aviation professionals such as inspectors, instructors, flight school owners, aircraft dealers and manufacturers, and pilots, so we can provide services ranging from a sightseeing flight or flight training mediation to a purchase of an airplane. Everything is handled without stress, bureaucracy and with maximum confidence.


At LIBRENT, we can also provide you with the best operational leasing or other financing solution to suit your business needs. We can help you either through our own company or through our partners. Whether you need to finance one car or a large fleet, we will help you find the best financial option to make your life easier and help reduce the financial costs.

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